We focus our energy on these six primary areas of law to maintain the highest quality of legal work. When we expand into a new area, we make sure we have a lawyer with experience in that area ready to help our clients.  Being selective about the types of cases we accept improves our ability to get good results. It also is the best way to ensure our clients find peace of mind.  Click on any title below to learn more about that area.



We offer peace of mind to business owners with good small business advice, LLC formation, and contract drafting. We are especially capable litigators.


Real Estate

Our clients have found peace of mind in over $250 million worth of real estate matters, with a focus on document review, sales disputes, and foreclosure.


Personal Injury

We offer peace of mind for the families of those injured in car accidents, at work, through medical mistakes, and by actions of the government.



We have saved hundreds of homes from foreclosure, keeping our clients in their homes and offering them the ultimate housing peace of mind.


Wills & Probate

We provide peace of mind during a sensitive time in our clients' lives, whether planning for end of life, or administrating an estate.


Lawsuits & Appeals

The majority of our legal work for clients involves the court system.  We help clients find peace of mind whether bringing or defending a lawsuit.

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