Sophia Padro

In pursuit of righteous causes, Sophia joined Doucet as an attorney to represent people in litigation. She brings her experience from multiple law firms in Ohio as well as knowledge of mediation and negotiation techniques.
Not knowing where it would take her, Sophia studied philosophy in college because she has always looked for deeper meaning and conviction in a confusing world. She decided to go to law school and pursue a career in the courts because she wanted to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. The courts are a rare place where people gather to find truth and put power behind it, and it is this majesty that motivates Sophia to work hard as an advocate. She believes that everyone deserves an advocate who cares for his or her clients and strives to achieve the best possible results.
Outside the office, Sophia enjoys baking sweet treats—especially her famous chocolate cake— and sharing those goodies with friends. She and her husband are both from Cincinnati, Ohio, and can often be found there with their extended family. Since moving to Columbus, Sophia has enjoyed the many parks and coffee shops around the city, and is excited about being part of such a lively and caring community.
Padro, Sophia Uncropped